Some AOL message boards shutting down – remaining ones moving to “new platforms”.

4-2-09: Many more AOL message boards closed on March 31st and April 1st, 2009- read about it here.

This is what I get for not checking my backlinks more often: a post that is one month and six days old.

Unbeknownst to me, this blog was mentioned on an AOL message board on Nov. 1st in relation to whether or not AOL is shutting down its message boards. AOL has since deleted the very board that their discussion took place on (oh, the irony), so this is the cache.

AOL user PGroot wrote in response to a message board titled, “Re: AOL closing message boards?”: “Read the response to Alley Insider: “AOL Hit List” Examined“.

AOL user SGW7011, aka “Sharon” replied:

“Well, that’s nice, but she’s only explaining what each is, known statuses on some, that have already had a resolution and guesses on others.

Regarding message boards, it’s just a guess. While probably reasonably accurate, it’s no offical word.

As I mentioned on another board, I emailed someone within aol, that sent my inquiry to someone else, and got this answer from someone somewhat knowledgable with the aol message boards. I’d like to think the response is honest enough, that it’s at least the plan at the moment. We know that aol decisions are not set in stone, they change on a whim.

But this is what I was told:

Hi Sharon — Thanks for your email concerning the Message Boards. AOL is not planning an overall sunset of its Message Boards, but we are taking a critical look at the use and value of the boards. Hundreds of active Message Boards will be migrated to new platforms by the end of the year along with their current content, while boards that experience little or no use will be shut down.

“New platforms” for “active” message boards? “Boards…will be shut down”? AOL is obviously being cryptic – but apparently the AOL message boards, no matter how active they are, will NOT exist in their current form much longer, since we are fast approaching “the end of the year” (just 27 more days until 2009). This is not good news for AOL message board users.

If the person who replied to Sharon – or anyone else in the know at AOL – wants to fill me in I’d be more than glad to post more concise information to clear up any confusion and/or panic, since just the fact that I’m printing this will probably set off a firestorm among AOL message board users.