AOL selling off/closing down International Operations? And AIM Phoneline going-going-gone.

Just got a comment on my blog from “Frank” saying:

I just found out – not sure if this is true – that AOL has sold off (is selling off) all its international operations. This has already happened to the Uk and Australia. If you use webmail or have set up a free webmail post box (as suggested on every AOL home page) – and are not an AOL paying subscriber, you will suddenly be ‘cut off’ leaving you with a sign in screen message saying that you’re not in the US and your account has been cancelled. This applies to everyone who has a .com email address originally outside the US (about 50M people). They will now be moved to (for the UK) and (for Australia).

Without more information from “Frank” I’ll have to assume he got his information from a talkative type at one of the AOL call centers – but is what he was told true? If not, why was he told that?

AIM Phoneline Hung Up For Good

Unrelated to the above, but I don’t have time to rustle up a new post on it – via Terence Chang – AIM Phoneline will be discontinued as of Jan. 13th, 2009. His post lists plenty of good alternatives. One of my readers tipped me off to problems with canceling AIM Phoneline here.