How to import your blog from AOL Journals to Blogger.

Hi, J-Land members. Good news for you today – instead of downloading your journals using FTP, a traditional web browser, WGet or Backstreet Browser (methods that all have their drawbacks) as of this morning you can now export (that is, “transfer”) your journal directly to Blogger by following the simple steps on this Blogger Help page. If you want to then export your blog to WordPress, just follow these instructions. As I find more platforms you can export your new Blogger blog to, I will add more links to this post.

7 thoughts on “How to import your blog from AOL Journals to Blogger.

  1. Thanks for the info and I will try backstreet. One thing AOL and Blogger apparently did not consider was the size of some journals. I can not get mine to transfer and I’ve tried 100s of times. Done all the expected things clearing cache, history, outside browser, you name. I’ve been told for 3 days that AOL and blogger have tried repeatedly and they can’t get it to go either. As for blogger help all I get is the message board that has more issues and questions then answers. Sad if you ask me, but hey who asked.


  2. The only thing I can tell you is to try to contact Support:
    Keep on contacting them until they help you. (With Google, from my personal experience, I can tell you that it is often very hard to get anyone to answer you, so keep at it – a squeaky wheel does get oiled.)
    It would be nice if Google would update the Help Page to reflect that according to the AOL-Import board some of you are having serious unaddressed issues and to tell you that the developers are working on answers and will update the FAQ again to give you those answers as soon as possible.
    No one is even responding to messages left on the AOL-Import board? I’m shocked, simply shocked, that they would abandon AOL’s incoming users this way.
    I’ll log in to the board and link to this thread on there; maybe it will wake someone up.


  3. Thanks for the help… and I did see you posted my comment over at the help message board. Unfortunately no one answered you or my multiple requests. I might just be looking for another blog site as neither AOL or blogger want to give answers. I suppose they think we will all just go away.


  4. Yes I saw that, thank you. I got the boiler plate answer, ‘we’re working on it’ prior to your message but not one answer to any questions…. GRRRRR


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