12 thoughts on “How to Quit AOL (Main FAQ)

  1. Hey!
    I see you’re still blogging. 🙂 This just proves how evil and nasty AOL is. They suck, SUCK, SUCK. lol
    -Mike 😉


  2. AOL Customer Services in Ireland TELL LIES
    I was told in March when calling to cancel AOL that I was going to receive 6 months free AOL, a Free Router and a redued price on my AOL Boradband and Talk Package. The lady in Ireland then told me that I might be charged in April but that it would be refunded to me. I was charged for April,May and June? When I called them I spent 3 hours talking to India and it turned out that AOL’s Customer Services had LIED to me, there was no credit applied to my account. I lost it big time with the poor chap in India who didn’t understand English and although he tried for two hours to persuade me not to cancel AOL I just kept saying Cancel, cancel, cancel until he finally understood that I wished to cancel. AOL are illegal as an ISP and when I wrote a three page letter to the President of the company detailing what lies I had been told by her staff – she ignored me.


  3. Re: AOL Customer Services in Ireland TELL LIES
    OK, first things first: you will not find any help for your particular situation on my blog because my blog helps people who use AOL in the US, not people in Ireland or in other countries.
    All the same, in any country you can and should do a chargeback to your credit card for AOL’s unauthorized charges. See this page to find out more about what a chargeback is and how to go about doing one:
    For a list of Ireland Consumer Advocacy Organizations that you can complain to about AOL and to find out what consumer protections are offered to people in Ireland, check these two pages:
    Secondly, I don’t know who you wrote to at AOL but its President is Ron Grant, who is a man:
    If you want contact info for just about everybody who is anybody at AOL I have just the thing for you. Write to who you like care of the names and addresses shown on this page (which also has a long list of phone numbers for contacting AOL):
    You may also be interested in telling your story to the Consumerist:
    email address: tips@consumerist.com
    They really like to reprint horror stories about AOL. If yours gets published hundreds of thousands of people – including everyone who works at AOL – will read it and AOL will be completely embarrassed into fixing your problem.


  4. I have almost gotten rid of all of AOSMELL, but 2 things won’t let me delete them. I did a seach and got rid of everything hiding but the 2 things. HELP!


  5. deouble billing
    i have been charged for 2 years for having 2 accounts when i only have one i want a refund or free aol. i have spoken to people in india , canada and god knows where else…….i wont let them gewt away with it, i have written spoken and yelled till my blood pressure is through the roof im a senior on a fixed income…..whats my next move.please help


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