9 thoughts on “Former AOL Rep: “We are TOLD to lie, cheat and steal”

  1. Re: Hey!
    Hell no and if I could remember my password it would be deleted or a blog similar to this on how to get rid/cancel. They have been going straight to hell since they laid everybody off. Beta sucks now. Even AIM is on the road to hell. I hardly get on and even talk to people I used to. There’s no one that I know of that likes AOL now.
    From what I hear, they are about to sell the Internet business and go straight to advertising. I don’t know what they expect to do with bebo.com. LMAO
    Do you still get a lot of hits? People probably have FINALLY moved away from AOHELL, or if not, don’t know how or don’t care.
    PS. Your blog is always lookin hawt. 😉


  2. Re: Hey!
    You lost your password? Can’t Google email it to you?
    According to “everyone” (if “shills” = “everyone”) AOL’s slightly “rebounding” this year or something. Which is good for me because every time they think they’re “rebounding” they bury themselves in one stupid embarrassment or another so most likely I’ll get to rag on them again before the year’s out. And that’s always fun.
    Blog’s looking OK; I’m kind of tired of red, and the code has little kinks I’ll never work out because I’ve reached my limits with how I can restyle it, but thanks. Uniques are not the same; three-quarters down YoY. PageRank dropped from 6 to 3 after I lost inbound links and DMOZ listing while the blog rotted away on IJ. Google? Still pretty good – top slots for every keyword. It’s here, I guess, and so am I…but I don’t update much anymore. I wrote last November about wanting to quit my own blog – remember that- and got these protests so I kept at it a bit longer. But I’m getting pretty much done with it. Lost the spark.
    Hope you’ve been doing well.


  3. Re: Hey!
    Well – that’s the thing, I can’t remember the email I used or either I don’t remember that password. It’s a big mess. lol
    I so wanted to have it deleted, because now when someone googles me that old mess comes up and I don’t want these new people ever knowing I did that. It’s like that history is stuck with me lol.
    Getting to that, I had been sick in Feb, but doing better now. I started vloging and making “comedy” videos on YouTube for a few months now. http://www.youtube.com/user/MchWaltes89 Check it out if ya wish… lol I just released 2 vids today. Comment/rate/sub if you are in to shit like that. 😛
    Poooooo on AOLOL


  4. Re: Hey!
    How about that. Our sometimes-AOL-hating Mike on GooTube now, courtesy of my other favorite company, Goooooo-gle. And you’re pretty funny, too. On “Shane Walker Something has JUST Occurred” in particular. And you’re dark-haired now too – much better. Looks like you’ve got some fans on YouTube – very nice, Mike. Good for you.


  5. Re: Hey!
    Lol that’s right you hate them too.
    Shoot YouTube really sucks. I’ve been suspended like 10 times. All people can do is keep flaggin a video or account (hell just keep making accounts, it’s as easy as opening gmail accounts) over and over – and poof there goes your channel and videos.
    Something someone needs to make aware of their faulty piece of shit TOS (ahem).. lol
    Google and AOL, forgot about that too.. lawl
    PS. Thank you. That vid was my first one with that character, so it sucked. NOW you know what I sound like (didn’t miss much). muhahaha.


  6. Re: Hey!
    I thought that video was the best of your “comedic” ones – you seem to have it down cold in that one – that’s why I mentioned it. And you look great with dark hair – see, I was right 🙂
    And YouTube, yes. The sockpuppetry…I know all about it. I’ve even seen it in action. People pretend to be…let’s just say, not themselves (if the same people suddenly talked or acted that way IRL you’d get them help very, very fast) but that’s exactly what makes it so funny – people stepping out of character. I guess it can work the other way, too – with people getting you TOS’d over you or your message…never really thought about it since I don’t spend too much time on there (I gave up YouTube after lonelygirl15 was found to be a complete fraud – but I still visit sometimes to watch the excellent Mia Rose – “Unwritten” is the best song ever).
    So are you done writing about AOL? Do you still beta test? I need a beta-tester for when AOL changes shit without warning – in fact, I was flipping over exactly that problem a few weeks ago.


  7. Re: Hey!
    Well thanks again. 🙂
    I actually just downloaded AOL Desktop beta 7 the other day. I haven’t even opened it. The first beta’s were unusable. I got the AIM 6.8 beta (GM’ed now, but it says to hold on to the beta ones for future development). All the hell they did with that is put more plugins in it. People are tech message boards are pissed as well at the development hell they are going in.


  8. Re: Hey!
    Yeah, I tested all that myself so I know. I know. I thought the online AIM functionality they added was interesting. And the ability to have plug-ins on the software AIMs now – and open-source APIs, from what I understand? Better…and I never disliked AIM, I just wish they’d plug it up harder against vulnerabilities so I could stop telling people to uninstall it.
    Problem with me beta testing is I forget to do it. So I got caught with my pants down recently (so to speak) and had to update one how-to after the fact because I’d been giving people the wrong file path to locate AOL’s Desktop Uninstaller. Not knowing AOL changed the file location until I knew pissed me off. That’s why I need help with beta-testing. Unless AOL finally stops putting out new versions…if they did you know I’d be happy.


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