AOL “Boxes Rumor” Posted by Ex-AOL Employee

While I was at work today Silicon Alley Insider reported that Valleywag uncovered a rumor on a Tumblr that there’s stacks of boxes ready and waiting in an employee parking garage so that soon-to-be laid off AOLers don’t have to carry their belongings out in their arms. The Tumblr includes a picture of the boxes. The picture is said to show boxes stacked approximately 10 to every 4 inches, which works out to at least 2,350 visible boxes. Have a peek now if you haven’t already.

AOL boxing up? Credit:

Assuming one box per AOL employee, the layoffs will be horrendous.

People question the truthfulness of the rumor, said to be given to Marc, the blogger, by an “anon AOL employee.” I can’t vouch for the truthfulness of it myself. But I can vouch for the fact that the Tumblr is written by a high level ex-AOL employee who’s probably playing coy about how much he knows.

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Google-AOL Fight (or “Finding Relevance in Every Bit of Nonsense Out There”)

AOL/Google Fight

I know AOL sucks, but would most people believe Google sucks more? (Somehow I would.) It’s a fun fact from a Google Fight Site that I found along my Web travels. You can use it to pit websites against each other and see which one “wins”.

Since I stumbled upon Google Fight last Wednesday Google has dropped 180,000 results for why “google sucks”, while the number of results for “AOL sucks” has increased by 10,000. Google is simply expunging any negativity about themselves that they find. Give it time; the “Google sucks” results will drop to zero while the “AOL sucks” results will just keep growing.

I wonder how AOL feels about that. Google owns them, after all…or 5%, anyway. That deal certainly isn’t helping AOL.

AOL’s Becomes a Paid Search Engine search

AOL’s is a paid advertising search engine as of…right now? Just discovered it this minute.

They’re so desperate for ad money they don’t even link to their own site in search results for “aol”. They link to PC Doctor Error Smart (same thing, I suppose). This search thing is brand-spanking new, considering the lack of results throughout. I can’t believe Michael Arrington hasn’t already gotten a hot tip about it. So much for the tip he received today about it becoming a WOW (World of Warcraft) social network…that isn’t happening, at least for now.

Update: Holy cow, just checked the search engines, and I am the first person to report this… *passes out cold*

Got juicy stuff on the AOL layoffs? Send me tips.

Shed some light for me. Or don't.

I’m not the only blogger on the Web who’s noticed a strange influx of people storming our sites looking for news about upcoming AOL layoffs. While the tutorial section of my site is still the heavyweight here, the aol layoffs tag is getting so many hits it’s becoming another contender for the top spot.

But I don’t know much more besides what I’ve written so far. If you’ve got juicy stuff on the AOL layoffs, send me some tips.

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