How to Uninstall AIM Pro from Any PC

Tested: instructions are still up-to-date and work on latest version of AIM Pro as of 6-2-08.

As mentioned in Why You Want to Uninstall AIM Now, AIM has a lot of weaknesses that make it very unsafe, especially in light of the latest vulnerability exposed by Core Security researchers. It’s best to simply uninstall it and use something safer.

Messengers that I like are Pidgin (formerly known as GAIM), Trillian, and the latest version of MSN Messenger, which really kicks butt.

What follows is how to uninstall AIM Pro.

How to Uninstall AIM Pro

1. For Win XP users: Click your Start button and click Control Panel.
Click Start, click Control Panel, find AIM Pro, click 'Remove'. Click to expand all shots.

In Control Panel click Add & Remove Programs, then locate AIM Pro on the Add & Remove List and click Remove.

For Win Vista users: Click your Start button and click Control Panel. In Control Panel click Programs and Features, then locate AIM Pro on the Installed Programs List and click Uninstall.

2. Click Yes to remove AIM.
Click 'Yes' to remove AIM Pro

You’ll see a dialog box that says: “Are you sure you want to remove AIM Pro from your computer?” Click Yes.

3. That’s all..
Now you'll see the message: 'AIM Pro was removed.' You don't need to restart your PC.

You’ll see the AIM Uninstaller remove AIM components for a few minutes, then you’ll see a dialog box that says: AIM Pro was successfully removed. You don’t need to restart your computer to remove this version of AIM, so that’s it.

4. Now click your Start button, click Search, click All files and folders, click Advanced Options, and click Search system folders and Search subfolders.
Deleting AOL's files and folders in Explorer

Type “aim” into the search box without the quotes. Right-click and delete any AIM components that show up in results.

!Important If you’re testing AOL’s Helix software don’t delete anything in C:Program FilesAOLRCee. If you do, Helix will no longer work.

See my How-To section for more ways to get AOL out of your life.

If you have any questions leave a comment or email me.

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