How to Uninstall the AOL Toolbar From Any PC

Updated 6-1-08.

AOL Toolbar In All New HPs (Hewlett-Packard Computers)

As many of you know, AOL will soon preload AOL Toolbars and set AOL as your default home page and search engine in every new HP computer you buy thanks to a deal they made this month with Hewlett-Packard.

Here’s a general purpose tutorial on how to remove the AOL Toolbar from IE, all versions from 5.0 to the latest version out on 6-1-08, from any PC running Windows.

How to Uninstall the AOL Toolbar

1. For Win XP users:
Click Start, Control Panel, Add & Remove, locate AOL Toolbar, click 'Remove'. Click to expand all shots.

Click your Start button and click Control Panel. In Control Panel click Add & Remove Programs, then locate the AOL Toolbar on the Add & Remove List and click Change/Remove.

For Vista and Windows 7 users: Click your Start button and click Control Panel. In Control Panel click Programs and Features, then locate the AOL Toolbar on the Installed Programs List and click Uninstall.

2. Click Uninstall.
The AOL Toolbar Wizard will open. Just click 'Uninstall.'

The AOL Toolbar Uninstall Wizard will open. Click Uninstall.

3. Click Reboot now.
When the dialog box opens, click 'Reboot now' so you can remove files and folders associated with the AOL Toolbar.

An Uninstall Wizard dialog box will open. Click Reboot now when you see it. You’ll be unable to remove files and folders associated with the AOL Toolbar unless the computer reboots.

4. To remove the files and folders for the AOL Toolbar after you’ve restarted your computer…
Click Start, My Computer, hard drive that folder is located on, click Program Files, and delete AOL Toolbar folder.

An easy way to get rid of most of the leftovers: Click your Start button, click My Computer, click the hard drive AOL is/was located on (usually the C: drive), click on the AOL folder, right-click the AOL Toolbar folder and delete it.

5. Now click your Start button, click Search, click All files and folders, click Advanced Options, and click Search system folders and Search subfolders.
Find and delete AOL Toolbar files and folders in Explorer

Type “toolbar” into the search box without the quotes if you don’t have other toolbars installed. Type “aol toolbar” if you do. Right-click and delete any AOL toolbar components that show up in results.

!Important If you’re testing AOL’s Helix software don’t delete anything in C:Program FilesAOLRCee. If you do, Helix will no longer work.

See my How-To section for more ways to get AOL out of your life.

If you have any questions or ideas, please leave a comment or email me.

2 thoughts on “How to Uninstall the AOL Toolbar From Any PC

  1. not working for me
    Thank you I have been trying for days to remove AOL and kept getting Invalid logfile so i have at least removed all folders and stuff only thing is when i click on Explorer it looks foraol and states make sure the path or internet address is correct ?


  2. Re: not working for me
    Yes, it will do that. The problem is the home page is still listed as AOL’s even though you removed the program responsible for setting the home page. Do this: in Internet Explorer, if you use IE 8 (the one with no menus visible by default) right-click the blue background along the top and click “Menu Bar” so you can get to what comes next. Now, (in all versions of IE) , click Tools from the Menu Bar, then click Internet Options, and where it says “Home page” with a big white box under that, delete what’s in that box.
    If you like, you can set a new home page by typing the address into that box like so: – or whatever home page you like (but you must set *something* as your new home page, or IE will go right back to looking for your missing AOL home page). If you want a blank home page (it helps IE start up much faster if you do) type “about:blank” into the box, without quotes. When you’re done getting your home page the way you like, click the “OK” button. That’s it! You should be all set. 🙂


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