More on the AOL Layoffs

AOL layoff rumors

I was going to save this post for Oct. 16th when the AOL layoffs are rumored to start en masse, but there’s too much coming out of Silicon Valley Insider to put it off much longer. I’m not horribly impressed with Henry Blodget’s coverage, although he’s been quite thorough, the best of the bloggers on the beat, because he panders to idiots and writes a lot of filler to mark time and inch page views up, but some of the tips and stories left on his blog by anonymous AOL employees are priceless.

I don’t feel like sorting through all the articles Henry has written (or all the comments AOLers have added–there’s too many) so I’ll leave you with this link, which gives you every story he’s posted about AOL recently, and this tip, which I believe is the only one worth discussing: AOL mass layoff slips will be handed out on Oct. 16th; actual layoffs will take place on Dec. 16th. Another holiday axing, courtesy of the world’s worst employer, to judge by their track record for holiday horrors. I believe it because of what “Bored AOL Employee #065731” has to say:

The state of Virginia has a law on the books that requires a company that is firing 1000 employees or more at a single time to give them 60 days notice. It’s sort of the check and/or balance to the whole “right to work state” thing. I hear from a good source that is what is happening here. Employees will be given their 60-days notice on 10/16 and told that they do not need to go to the office until their actual termination date of 12/16. The actual severance time will not start until 12/16. For those on the “transition teams” they will be those who are in critical areas and they will continue to report to the office until 12/16, so they can transition their skills to remaining employees. I heard something like 2x salary for those on transition teams (with the same severance deal as everyone else), but I am not sure I believe that.

The same source said that the total was going to be around 1200 heads lost in Dulles, and that those not affected would get the rest of the day off on 10/16.

That comment just has the ring of truth to it to me, but I could be wrong.

Right now I don’t care if everyone at AOL loses their jobs or not, so don’t expect me to feel too bad for any of you if you do. Not only do most of you fill Silicon Valley Insider up with ridiculous tripe and bad haiku, but you people usually don’t leave the world’s most valuable comments on my blog, either. It really shows you up for the unprofessional pack of morons you are when you write on the Internet the way you do. I’ve lost any respect I ever had for the people at AOL.