Google-AOL Fight (or “Finding Relevance in Every Bit of Nonsense Out There”)

AOL/Google Fight

I know AOL sucks, but would most people believe Google sucks more? (Somehow I would.) It’s a fun fact from a Google Fight Site that I found along my Web travels. You can use it to pit websites against each other and see which one “wins”.

Since I stumbled upon Google Fight last Wednesday Google has dropped 180,000 results for why “google sucks”, while the number of results for “AOL sucks” has increased by 10,000. Google is simply expunging any negativity about themselves that they find. Give it time; the “Google sucks” results will drop to zero while the “AOL sucks” results will just keep growing.

I wonder how AOL feels about that. Google owns them, after all…or 5%, anyway. That deal certainly isn’t helping AOL.