Got juicy stuff on the AOL layoffs? Send me tips.

Shed some light for me. Or don't.

I’m not the only blogger on the Web who’s noticed a strange influx of people storming our sites looking for news about upcoming AOL layoffs. While the tutorial section of my site is still the heavyweight here, the aol layoffs tag is getting so many hits it’s becoming another contender for the top spot.

But I don’t know much more besides what I’ve written so far. If you’ve got juicy stuff on the AOL layoffs, send me some tips.

As far as the “tips department” goes, I’m getting a slight trickle, but more horror stories from Layoffs of Christmases Past than anything else.

It makes me cranky as hell. I enjoy a good tip about AOL just as much as anyone else, so why are you insiders sending them to Valleywag and your former boss Ted Leonsis instead of me, for God’s sake?

Is it because you think they’ll get more page views? If I get a good tip, believe me, there’ll be more page views here than anyone will be able to figure out what to do with, so just let me worry about that.

Seriously, spread the love. I have a blog, too.

Since you insiders are boring me to death with your withholding of information I’ll have to content my layoff-rumor-hungry visitors with links to sites that have been sprinkled much more generously with the dust of plausible looking rumors than mine has.

I thought it was just Ted’s twisted sense of humor. I laughed until I fell off my chair…but AOL employees did not. Hundreds of them left comments on his post chastising him for his attitude because as we all know, AOL is over with, and they’ve sprinkled layoff rumors quite generously throughout their harangues. (If you look closely, you can see where I jumped in on the act as well.)

Key points to take away from those comments are that the bulk of the layoffs in the US are scheduled for Oct. 16th and that AOLers write a lot of bad haiku.

As a matter of fact, the only blog you need to visit right now to stay up-to-date on all the latest layoff news and rumors is Ted’s, so forget the links to Valleywag that I was going to include. They just repeat the same stuff. What’s the use?

If any of you insiders are ready to burst from all the juicy tips you’re secretively holding inside (and oh, I know what it feels like) then just think of me, would ya, before you go running off to those other sites with the news?