AOL Gambling on Bettors and McAfee

AOL Sponsors Gambling

There are days when so much bad news floats around about AOL that I want to write about cheerful things instead…like sunsets. How about an article on sunsets? This is one of those days.

For instance, someone needs to hand AOL the Dumbass Award of 2007 for dropping Kaspersky’s Active Virus Shield from their lineup of free anti-virus tools. It’s a bit of a resource hog, but it’s probably the most effective anti-virus product out there, and it has a firewall, incoming and outgoing IP logging, and a few other cool features.

AOL will use McAfee products instead from now on to “protect” AOLers, but as most people who’ve used McAfee know, their products suck. The anti-virus product is even rumored to downloads viruses just to get rid of them for you so you’ll think it’s less of a piece of crap than it is.

Not only that, now AOL advertises for online gambling factions in England and Europe (online gambling is illegal in the United States or else AOL would run ads for such websites from there, too). Isn’t it nice to know that AOL is the site you trust your five-year olds to surf on when you’re not around? If gambling doesn’t get your dander up when you think of it combined with your kids’ attention, how about famous musicians cursing and pissing themselves on AOL Video? Why yes, turn the kids loose on it right away.