Quitaol.com (Yes, another Anti-AOL site!)

You can quit AOL, too!

Running this site for as long as I have (your humble ambassador to a world beyond AOL since December, 2005™ ), you’d think that I’ve heard of every anti-AOL site out there.

I can reel the names of all the well-known ones (besides my own, of course) right off the top of my head: Anti-AOL, whose name I stole for this journal, AOL Sucks and AOL Watch, (run by the inestimable David Cassel), AOL-ICQ, run by an embittered customer who had her ICQ-related domain name stolen by America Online (we’ve chatted once or twice), and the Bike Painter, who makes everything about AOL seem stupid and funny. But little did I know my own ISP has jumped in on the act, too!

Behold, kiddies: Earthlink runs Quit AOL.

It’s like a very small version of my site, just one page long, with almost no information on it about quitting AOL, but it covers the basics, I guess. Now I’m going to sit back and see how long it takes AOL to serve Quit AOL a C&D…it’s been around since at least 2003, so for what it’s worth, that will probably never happen.