8 thoughts on “Leaving AOL? How to collect your email.

  1. Thunderbird / Saved on My PC e-mail
    1. Why not use Thunderbird?2. What about AOL e-mail that an AOL user has in his or her Saved on My PC folder? It can’t be uploaded to Saved on AOL and it can’t be forwarded.


  2. Re: Thunderbird / Saved on My PC e-mail
    1.) You can use Thunderbird if you want to. Here’s why I don’t suggest it to former or soon-to-be ex-AOL users:
    a) It’s harder for novice computer users to configure than PopPeeper is.
    b) I have never gotten Thunderbird to work for more than a day or two without it getting server connection errors that I don’t get with PopPeeper.
    c) Thunderbird has too many options for my target audience.
    Generally speaking, AOL users want things fast, quick, and easy. They are not tech savvy or patient. Pop Peeper is the best fit for them given those considerations.
    2.) And in response to your next comment:
    ePreserver is specifically mentioned in that post. I didn’t mention ePreserver in this post because this is my main post about how to import AOL email and I didn’t want people to see it and think they “have to” pay for new software. The only reason to pay ePreserver to unlock that folder is if email has been deleted either by the user or by AOL.
    That said, now that I think about it, I could edit this entry to include a link to them, since more people seem to have that problem than I ever anticipated when I wrote this.


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